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Residential Homes


Firely Pediatric Services has become aware of a severe need for a residential home for children. Firely Pediatric Services now has three residential homes located in Harleysville, Allentown, and Bradford Pennsylvania. “Home for Kids” offers a warm, comfortable, home-like environment to medically fragile children who have severe needs and cannot remain in a hospital or home setting for various reasons. Medically fragile children can now reside at one of the Firely’s “Home for Kids” locations to receive quality ongoing medical care. We also provide training to families who are still learning their medically fragile child’s care.

Harleysville Residential:

Allentown Residential:

Bradford Residential:

Firely Pediatric Services is devoted to providing a residential facility in which the health, safety, and well-being of the children we serve is preserved. We will nurture each child to help them reach their full potential. We will always maintain the highest level of ethical standards.


Firely Home for Kids accepts any child from birth to 21 years of age who is medically fragile and/or technologically dependent and require 24 hour nursing care.

 Our Staff  J
Our interdisciplinary team consists of a Pediatric medical director, pediatric nurses with extensive respiratory training, a child care supervisor, and patient support staff. This team works together to create and follow through with a customized care-plan for each child.
 NURSING RATIOS: 2-3:1. (staff to children)
Consists of a nurse, certified respiratory therpist or 2nd nurse,
& a trained  educated patient support aide (PSA).

Firely Home for Kids, along with the child’s physician, will obtain insurance coverage for each child to reside with us. The insurance coverage along with a percentage of the child’s social security funds, if applicable, will pay for the child’s expenses.




Customized Care Plans
Our staff will create an Individualized Service Plan (ISP), for each of our residents. These plans will include family input and involvement and have defined goals for each child. We will also create a Plan of Care for each child. We work with local intermediate Units and Early Intervention and we incorporate PT, OT, ST, and vision services. The plan of care will have input from the family and the child’s physician.


The families of our residents are encouraged to visit their children as often as possible. Parents may also call as often as they would like to check on the child. Parents are also encouraged to help us create the best and most appropriate care plans for their child.

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