Empathetic, Compassionate and Committed Care

Empathetic, Compassionate and Committed Care


Mission Statement

Firely Services is committed to meeting the needs of our clients through providing individualized care, nurturing each child to help them reach their full potential and to preserve the health, safety and well being of every child we care for. We will always maintain the highest level of ethical standards and focus on INTEGRITY, HONESTY AND TRUST.


Having grown up with a disabled and medically fragile brother, followed by working in the field for various nursing companies, the owners are aware of a need for a new approach to empathetic, compassionate and committed care. We believe this philosophy is passed from the owners through the office and field staff, and is deeply appreciated by our clients and their families. We know that what we do makes a significant difference in our families’ lives.


Nancy Ann ClarkSocial Services
“When your child needs more care than you can provide at home, Firely is the place for them to be. The staff provides the love and 24/7 care they need. God Bless the staff for their dedication!”
“Firely Home for Kids made it possible for our family to train proficiently in our daughter’s care before bringing her home.”
“We are so thankful for Firely Home for Kids and the staff at Firely. When our child was born with multiple disabilities, we did not know what we would do. Our son would not be where he is today without the care that Firely provided him.”


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