Mission Statement

Firely Pediatric and Adult Services is committed to meeting the needs of our consumers we serve through individualized care, nurturing each adult to help them reach their full potential and to preserve the health, safety and well being of every adult we care for. We will always maintain the highest level of ethical standards and focus on INTEGRITY, HONESTY AND TRUST.

About Community Living Arrangements

Firely Pediatric and Adult Services CLA’s provide residential placement to individuals with an intellectual disability who are at least 21 years of age and require nursing care 8 to 24 hours per day.

Everyday Lives

Firely Pediatric and Adult Services follows and believes in The Office of Developmental Programs core philosophy of Everyday Lives. Firely Pediatric and Adult Services will ensure that all individuals that we serve will, with the support of family and friends, be able to decide how to live their lives and be given the opportunity to live an Everyday Life.


Having grown up with a disabled and medically fragile brother, followed by working in the field for various nursing companies, the owners are aware of a need for a new approach to empathetic, compassionate and committed care. We believe this philosophy is passed from the owners to the management and field staff, and is deeply appreciated by our clients and their families.


  • Must be at least 21 years of age
  • Must have Consolidated Waiver in place
  • Must have medical needs that require 8 to 24 hours of nursing care per day

Waiver Funding

All of the individuals that we serve in our CLA’s have a Consolidated Waiver through the Office of Developmental Programs.

The Pennsylvania Consolidated Waiver is designed to help individuals with an intellectual disability live more independently in their home and communities.

Our Specialty Team

Our team takes pride in creating a caring and loving environment where each individual we serve can reach their maximum potential. Firely Pediatric and Adult Services consists of highly-trained staff with specialized expertise. These staff members include the 6400 CEO, Nurse Manager, Program Specialist, Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses and Patient Support Aides. Ech member of our specialty team receives year round training to ensure the men and women we serve are provided with the best care possible.

Nursing services include, but are not limited to:

  • Daily Assessments

  • Medication Administration

  • Trach/Vent Care

  • Administering Enteral Feeds

  • Providing Central Line Care and TPN Administration

  • Ostomy Care/Wound Care

  • Seizure Management

  • O2 Therapy/Pulse Oximetry

  • Providing IPV/Cough-Assist/CPT Vest

  • Diabetic Monitoring

  • Incontinence/Catheter Care