About Us

Firely Pediatric Services has become aware of a severe need for a residential home for children. Firely Pediatric Services now has three residential homes located in Allentown, Harleysville and Norristown Pennsylvania. “Home For Kids” offers a warm, comfortable, home-like environment to medically fragile children who have severe needs and cannot remain in a hospital or home setting for various reasons.

Medically fragile children can now reside at one of the Firely’s Home For Kids locations to receive quality ongoing medical care. We also provide training to families who are still learning their medically fragile child’s care.


Firely Pediatric Services accepts any child from  birth to 21 years of age who is medically fragile and/or technology dependent and require 24 hour nursing care in our Home For Kids. A physician signed letter of medical necessity is required to authorize our services. The Firely Pediatric Team, along with the child’s physician, will obtain insurance coverage for each child to reside at one of our Homes For Kids.

Our Specialty Care Team

Our team works together in a home-like and loving environment. The team consists of a medical director, nurses with extensive respiratory training, respiratory therapist, a child care supervisor and trained support aides.

We coordinate with local intermediate units and early intervention to incorporate PT, OT and ST and vision services. Our whole team encourages each child to reach their full potential.

Nursing services include, but are not limited to:

  • Daily Assessments

  • Ostomy Care/Wound Care

  • Seizures

  • Trach/Vent

  • Enteral Feeds/Feeding Therapy

  • Medication Administration

  • Central Lines

  • Diabetic Monitoring

  • Foley Bags

  • O2 Therapy/Pulse Ox Monitoring/IPV/Coffalator/CPT Vest

Customized Plans

Individual Service Plan:

Our team works with local intermediate units, early intervention, specialty care, physicians, pediatricians, and the family to create a personal plan for each child. Each child’s plan will contain his/her goals and a medical plan of care. Individual Service Plans are reviewed and updated monthly. Parents/guardians are invited to attend ISP meetings and be involved in the creating and revising of the ISP.


The families are invited to be involved with the child’s everyday activities and we encourage them to visit as often as possible. The staff is always available to answer questions or inform you of any updates regarding your child.